Tarot Love Message 2024

Tarot Love Message

This blog post presents the Love message from Tarot for 2024. Note that in this article, Love is written with the capital “L” which means that we’ll look at the higher version of Love and not just its common iterations.

Valentine’s day is now a major celebration around the world. Although not an official holiday, February 14 has solidified itself as a common day of expressing your affection and appreciation for your loved one.

Although mostly associated with romantic relationships, it is important to remember that Love comes in various forms. It stems from the Eternal Truth and is therefore the building block of Life.

What does Tarot say about Love?

Full disclaimer: the spread below was not randomly pulled from the Tarot deck. The cards have been specifically chosen because they best represent what you can take away from the Tarot about Love.

This spread is a simple three-card spread. This was deliberate to be associated with “I Love You”. It’s all about Love, you see.

Tarot Love Message

The anchor of this spread is The Lovers card which is the literal embodiment of Love. It directly depicts the possibility of Love (in whatever form) and reminds you that you were designed to give and receive It.

As a creation of the Highest Power you are the extension of the Universe. Therefore, you must fully experience the wonderful emotions that Love offers. You must understand this fundamentally before you are truly able to attract Love.

Stay open to possibilities.

The Page of Cups is on the left side of The Lovers. It reminds you that it’s worthwhile to open up to possibilities. The Universe protects you at all times. Your discernment will tell you that each opportunity has come for your benefit.

Remember that manifestation is the act of transforming your perception to that of your desire. It is a form of active faith. You step into the frequency of your desire because you are certain that it awaits you.

The Page of Cups is your sign to step into the possibilities of relationships and Love. You must elevate your frequency and wholeheartedly receive Love. Actually, it’s impossible to separate yourself from Love because YOU ARE LOVE.

This should give you the confidence and assurance that everything unfolds in the way that benefits you the most, only if you allow it. The Page of Cups is the card of allowing. You are free to experience the joy of Love because you let it.

The Three of Swords completes this Love spread for 2024. It reminds you that pain, grief and anxiety are a natural part of the human experience. It is important that you acknowledge these emotions and not suppress them.

Every feeling is valid. “Negative” emotions guide you to focus on what you desire, and what is truly important to you. In this manner, you calibrate your frequency and attention toward your dream life, your dream Love.

Can Tarot help me find Love?


Remember, Tarot only reminds you of what you already know within. Everything that you desire you can align with only if you let the distractions go and if you focus on what you truly want.

The Tarot does not add anything to your life. It helps you align with your dream life by becoming the person that embodies it. You can’t attract Love if you yourself can’t feel the innate Love already within you.

Naturally, someone who is bitter, aloof and indifferent does not attract the desired kind of attention. Tarot helps you reawaken the Love that you can generate by yourself. This is as simple as breathing because you are an extension of Love.

By using Tarot in a meditative practice, you soon find yourself embodying the traits of someone in Love. To fall in Love is to be in alignment with the Truth of the Universe, the Truth of Life.

Therefore, you can’t fall in Love if you are unable to generate this frequency. Tarot does not give you ready answers as to who you will have a relationship with. Neither does it have the capacity to decide for you about your relationship.

Tarot only energizes in a way that assures you everything is alright. Once you realize that a romantic relationship doesn’t add to your completeness (because you are, by default, already complete), you have let go of the expectation that an external situation will bring you fulfillment.

As you surrender this, you open your awareness to a receiving state. At this point, the object of your desire unfolds and becomes manifested.

There is nothing more attractive than a person who radiates with charm and confidence from knowing the Truth.

How do I attract more Love?

To put it simply, you have to become Love to attract Love. This is the Law of Attraction. You don’t attract what you’re not aligned with. Manifesting the Love of your life is an active endeavor that requires your full commitment.

Remember, number of physical actions doesn’t necessarily translate to productive effects. Actions rooted in inspiration make the most impact.

The list below shares a few tips that can help you calibrate or align to the frequency of someone in Love:

  1. Reflect. You have to determine why you desire to be in a relationship or otherwise. Remember you manifest desire that are authentic and not rooted in scarcity. If your desire to be in a relationship comes from a place of fear (I don’t want to to grow old alone) or scarcity (I have an incomplete life if I am single), you are likely to attract unfulfilling relationships.
  2. Smile. Never underestimate the high positive vibrations that come with your smile. It lights up your face and lets others know that you are connected with your Higher Self. You are aware of the Eternal Truth. When you know who you truly are, you effortlessly smile because your confidence comes from beyond this world.
  3. Be curious and open. One of the building blocks of a relationship is showing interest in the other person’s life. This is not the nosy type of interest but really getting to know the person behind the face. The more you discover about someone’s life story, the more you appreciate that you are more connected than you could possibly imagine.
  4. Have fun. When you have fun, you communicate to the Universe that you have enough faith to let your guard down, even just for a moment. People gravitate to someone they can feel child-like again.
  5. Be vulnerable. You can only be vulnerable when you are confident. This confidence comes from your connection with your True Identity as extension of Pure Love itself. In order to attract Love, you must embody the essence of True Love. This leads you to feeling complete security. Vulnerability becomes your strength.

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