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7 Lessons from A Course in Miracles for Anxiety

I will forever be grateful to stumble upon A Course in Miracles as it literally changed my way of thinking. It has helped me manage my anxiety. We all find ourselves in that moment where one second, we think regular thoughts and in the next, we’re in a never-ending flow of thoughts that don’t feel good. And yet, somehow, we keep on doing it. Even more, there are problems...
Rehn Gonzales Blog

How to start a gratitude journal for anxiety

Journals (e.g. gratitude journal) have grown in popularity due to the increased demand for self-care techniques and tools. Our society has become so immersed in stress and anxiety that mental health has taken the spotlight in unprecedented ways. Though journalling has been more widely known as a productivity tool (e.g. bullet journalling) we must not forget the true value that it offers those who commit to it. This goes...