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7 Lessons from A Course in Miracles for Anxiety

I will forever be grateful to stumble upon A Course in Miracles as it literally changed my way of thinking. It has helped me manage my anxiety. We all find ourselves in that moment where one second, we think regular thoughts and in the next, we’re in a never-ending flow of thoughts that don’t feel good. And yet, somehow, we keep on doing it. Even more, there are problems...
Rehn Gonzales Blog

How to know what you really want in life?

Having a vision is the fundamental step to creating your dream life because without one, you find yourself just wandering aimlessly through life. This ultimately leads to an unfulfilling life where retirement becomes your only hope for some reprieve. If you don’t feel energized in the morning or if you feel exhausted from your daily routine, it may very well be because you have not yet aligned yourself with...