Angels are all around you.

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God’s angels hover near and all about.

In my eight years of studying A Course in Miracles, this might be the line that I repeat to myself the most. Its simplicity and matter-of-factly nature brings much comfort and assurance. Whenever I feel worried or anxious about a certain situation, I keep this in mind.

Nowadays, we give much importance to independence and self-empowerment. This is up to the point where we perceive success as more meaningful if it resulted from hard and persistent effort.

I don’t discount the value of action and well-thought-out steps in life. But more often than not, when things feel out of control, you may feel stuck with little to no clarity on your next step.

This is where the value of the above passage comes in. You were never required to do things on your own. You were never meant to rely on your own capacities alone.

As extensions of God, you have the whole Universe at your disposal.

Sometimes, it may feel less accessible due to many reasons. But this fact will always remain: your unity with the Universe lends the power of angels to you.

Let’s explore the beauty and power of angels in this post. Hopefully, you will leave with just a little more hope and clarity than when you first found this.

What are angels?

The concept of angels brings to mind creatures described in various religious texts or even literary works of fantasy. Usually, a beautiful being of light with equally stunning wings is the most common image one can look up.

This is not a bad association at all. In fact, this elicits wonderful emotions of hope and certainty, which supports the true concept of angels.

In this context however, angels are the myriad and mysterious factors that come together whenever you decide to embody your identity as co-creator of this Universe.

More recently, different articles and videos have tackled the subject of biblically accurate angels. These aesthetics vary greatly from the images we have been used to.

But even these also elicit emotions of awe and hope which are still in line with the angels’ purpose and objective.

When you find yourself in a challenging situation with limited options, a sense of helplessness or powerlessness prevails. This is understandable specially when the notion of your physical nature can be limiting.

At this point, you then proclaim a desire: the resolution of the situation you are facing, and it is at this very moment as well that you have already called upon the angels of God.

The lucky breaks, coincidences or even the faintest of voices telling you that everything will be alright are all angels that have come to your aid. You must be grateful for these signs.

It is only by keeping faith in the power and intentions of a friendly Universe do you open your heart to these wonderful assistance.

If you feel like you haven’t experienced the presence of your angels recently, maybe it’s the right time to initiate communication with them.

That’s right! You don’t have to sit around and wait for the blessing of communicating with angels.

You can always open the doors to call upon your angels any moment you need their loving presence around us.

How to call upon your angels?

God, the Universe, and the Law of Attraction that it operates on is very simple. It is by speaking plainly about your need that allows you to become co-creators of your dream life.

The only way to call upon your angels is to first, truly believe that they hover near and all about.

Worrying that your own strength may not be enough, or feeling like you have given everything you can are telltale signs that you need additional help and backup.

If needed, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the sense of humble calmness fill your soul.

Focus on the desire that you want your angels to come forth and be on your side.

“I call upon my angels to help me through this presentation.”

“I have faith that my angels have come to my aid and now I am safe.”

“My angels are able and have already come to my rescue. I don’t have to do this alone.”

Whether they are the winged creatures or just a simple person who has lent a selfless helping hand to you, best believe that you were never meant to go on this journey on your own.

God’s angels hover near and about.

All you have to do is to keep your eyes and hearts open to welcome them to your side.

Can you recall special moments when you felt your angels were by your side? How did those moments feel?

I would love to hear your stories of angelic presence or encounter. They are all around and I know they are abundant.

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