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Vision costs nothing. This passage from A Course in Miracles can change your life forever.

It is merely a decision you need to make in order to change your perspective. However, for most people there is no one “ah-hah” moment and that this decision has to be made at every single moment of life.

If I had to identify an anchor lesson that helped the most in my spiritual journey, it would be this very passage. Vision costs nothing.

However, in our society, where sacrifice and struggle are quite celebrated, this key idea can sometimes come off as simple and mundane.

This is the reason why this single step that can change your life forever may sound overwhelming.

We have been conditioned to believe for every gain there must be a sacrifice made, something must be given in return.

But don’t worry, this can all go away by remembering “vision costs nothing”.

You were born with the ability to see and decide that seeing correctly is merely claiming a birthright.

This single idea is your gateway to a life free from anxiety, and stress. It is a pivotal moment where you can enjoy the life of abundance, love and alignment you are destined to enjoy.

Let’s dive into what it takes and what it really means to see properly.

What does seeing correctly mean?

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. This is probably one of the most important passages in the New Testament.

It explains in very simple terms the true meaning of the Law of Attraction.

The Kingdom of God is the perfect alignment with your Inner Being, Source, the Universe or whatever term you prefer for the Truth that is the very foundation of being.

Righteousness is the only term that best describes what seeing correctly means.

Righteousness, as beautifully discussed by Neville Goddard, is the proper way of thinking through things.

It doesn’t mean being holy in social terms or being perceived as a model citizen. It all has to do with how one keeps thinking with faith in accordance with his desired condition.

For example, if you desire a dream relationship and then introduce thoughts along the lines of “I’m not worthy” or “My parents divorced so I am meant to be divorced, too”, then this is not being righteous as you contradict your very own desire.

This perception then gives rise to undesirable situations which then leads to a life of discontentment. This is proves the concept that you do not see correctly as evidenced by the circumstances.

This is because you are not righteous in your perception. And perception always dictates reality.

The best news is that you have the capacity to correct your vision and return to righteous thinking at any moment. This is the only requirement for you to change your life forever and change it for the better.

How do you correct your vision?

It takes only one conscious and committed decision to start seeing correctly and to employ the vision of righteousness in your life. You can always decide to see and see correctly at that.

It costs absolutely nothing to do so as it is your default perception anyway. You are simply going back to the way you were meant to be. There is no price to pay nor a membership to apply to.

Unrighteous thinking can still occur as it has been engrained in your daily life. The most important tip is that you are capable of deciding every single time to lean on the side of righteousness.

So, when thoughts like “I am not worthy of a loving and fulfilling relationship” pops up, take a deep breath.

Correct your vision by changing your perception with a different thought: “I am worthy of the proper love and respect that I am capable of giving.”

Is it simple? Yes. But is it easy? Not at all.

This is very similar to working out your physical body as it will take some getting used to and will involve some soreness along the way.

Like a physical workout, it is fundamental to commit to your schedule specially during days when it seems hard to do so.

In this context, the work is about seeing correctly and having the righteous perception about life.

Journalling your way to righteous seeing.

Journalling will always be my go-to suggestion when it comes to self-improvement.

Since you are improving your way of seeing the world, it helps to employ the power of journalling to correct your perception.

In your journal, create two columns: on one column write the header Current Perception and on the other column Righteous Perception.

You can then create subsections as prompts to document and jot down your current way of thinking. For example, you can write subsections for Money, Career, Relationships, Spirituality and so on.

If this is your first time trying an exercise like this, I suggest starting off with one section or area. This can be the one area that bothers you the most. Or the area that you really desire to change your perception on.

Change your life by changing your perspective

Write the statements that come to mind for the section you have chosen. It is best to write the first thing you think of as this reveals your default perception about the topic.

One of the most important things to remember is to not judge your thoughts, as this will lead to reluctance of the perception that needs to be corrected.

There is no need for judgment in this exercise, there is only room for correction.

Once you have freely written down all your default thoughts about a section, rewrite the same thought in the opposite column but with the tone of righteous perception. Feel free to do this the way you see fit.

Change your life with journalling.
Change your life with this journalling exercise.

In this example, we desire to correct our perception about money and wealth. This is a simple example of how we can improve our perception by leaning towards the direction of righteous thinking.

Change your life with this exercise.

Naturally, some form of resistance will come up as you do this exercise. These are your baby steps to re-calibrating your perception.

It is a normal human reaction to want to stay in the comfort zone and if possible, to resist all changes.

There is no judgment in this aspect as well. The only thing that matters is that you decided to try to change your life by improving your perception.

Everything else will come to your aid.

Remember, this is the only decision and commitment you need to change your life forever. Even if this is not a simple decision nor is it an easy one.

Once you get yourself to dive in completely, you will definitely not believe how far you’ve come.

Now it’s your turn. What particular aspect of your life would you like to improve your perception of?

I hope you give the simple exercise in this post a try. Let me know what ideas and commitments come from your blessed decision to change your life forever.

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